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Two weeks ago, Chris Brown likely assumed his next probation progress report court hearing would be extremely routine. Unfortunately, thanks to two unexpected events, today’s court date took on added importance; so, he decided to trot out a secret weapon: Rihanna.

Several years ago, Brown was placed on probation after he pled guilty to assaulting Rihanna. The two broke up and she filed a restraining order, but in recent months, they’ve reconciled. Until now, she’s steered clear of the court room, but after her on-again boyfriend’s brawl with Frank Ocean and more importantly, the District Attorney’s claim that he lied about community service, she decided to come along, walking arm in arm with her love and later blowing kisses to him during the festivities.

As for the matter at hand, according to TMZ, the judge ordered Brown to meet with a parole officer within the next forty-eight hours to explain why some of his supposed community service hours occurred while he was photographed out of the state or out of the country. All involved will meet back on April 5th for another hearing in which the judge will likely decide whether or not there’s any weight to these probation allegations claims.

No doubt many observers and fans aren’t overly pleased with Rihanna going to court today, but she’s made it very clear over the past month that she is going to do whatever she needs to do to find happiness.

We’ll keep you updated on this probation mess.