Reportedly, Katy Perry and Russell Brand met once post-separation, just to get a little closure and to finalize some plans about their impending divorce. The meeting took place in Los Angeles sometime in the middle of January, but until now we knew nothing about what sort of conversations took place.

Turns out, a portion of the conversation was likely money related. When Perry and Brand were married in October of 2010, the couple did not sign a prenuptial agreement. Now, with divorce impending and without an agreement delineating which party gets what assets, law states the ex-couple’s stuff can be split evenly down the middle. Since Perry made upwards of $44 million last year, an even splitting would entail Brand a payday of at least $20 million. However, it seems Brand doesn’t want the payoff.

Brand’s lawyer finalized all the divorce signatures and paperwork and filed them on Tuesday. According to TMZ, Brand will not be exercising his right to some of Perry’s assets and will instead walk away from the marriage with nothing. While we will not know the details of the divorce until it is officially finalized on June 30, Brand’s decision is certainly the stand-up move. He makes a fine coin due to his own skills and merits, and he really does not need Perry’s money. If both parties walk away without a bitter fight over money, the divorce has a better chance of being amicable, and staying out of the press.

Pop Blend looks forward to seeing what Brand and Perry are able to accomplish during their upcoming future, apart.

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