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Last week, Justin Bieber’s buddy Tyler The Creator admitted he was the one behind the wheel when the Biebs’ car allegedly almost plowed into Keyshawn Johnson’s child, leading to a car chase and a confrontation. As both Keyshawn and several witnesses came forward saying Bieber was actually operating the vehicle, there was some skepticism as to whether Tyler The Creator was telling the truth, but apparently, some security footage backs him up.

According to TMZ, the footage shows Tyler The Creator pulling the Ferrari into the driveway followed by Bieber in a motorcycle. After arriving, the two allegedly switch places to allow the Biebs to pull the car into the garage, and that’s when Keyshawn arrives to raise holy hell about the supposed reckless driving incident.

Technically, it’s still possible Bieber and Tyler the Creator could have switched places before getting to the house, but with this footage, that seems extremely unlikely. A far more plausible scenario is that several people saw the Biebs’ car whip by, assumed he was driving and thought their theory was confirmed when Justin actually pulled the car into the garage.

Given all of this new evidence, it’s highly unlikely Bieber will be charged over the incident. If he does wind up skating, he shold still use this as a wake-up call, however. After all, it seems ludicrous to think numerous people in the neighborhood have complained about him and his friends without the slightest bit of provocation. If he wants to live in a classy neighborhood, he needs to follow the rules and if he lends his car out, those people need to follow the rules, as well.

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