Selena Gomez Says She’s Happy Being Single, Will She Stay Away From Bieber?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber’s break-up may have been reported as a rather sad news item when it went down, but if the starlet herself is to be believed, she couldn’t be happier about how things turned out. In fact, she laughed about making the Biebs cry with David Letterman and later told Chelsea Handler she’s really enjoying her newfound freedom.

Taken at her word, it seems these two former lovers will coast in different directions for the rest of their lives. If history is taken as an indicator, however, these two might not be through with each other. They’ve gotten together and broken up numerous times in the past, and their hiatuses, even if they seemed permanent at the time, never ended up being as much. Besides, there’s something about the relationship that just makes sense. They both understand the rigors of fame. They’re both good looking. They’re both extremely busy, and they both share quite a history.

Like Jerry Seinfeld, I never bet against the backslide. Thus, I’m still convinced these two are probably going to find their way back together and give it another go. It’s just so hard to break-up with someone in one fell swoop.

What do you think? Are these two actually dunzo for good, or is this just a cooling off period? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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