Over the past few weeks, Justin Bieber has begun spending significant time with rapper Lil Twist. Coincidentally or not coincidentally, that new friendship has coincided with quite a few adjustments in the pop star’s life. His relationship with longtime girlfriend Selena Gomez went south. He was photographed holding a joint at a hotel party and a photographer died while trying to get pictures of his Ferrari after Lil Twist borrowed it and got pulled over.

According to TMZ, sources close to Justin are reportedly worried Lil Twist isn’t really a good influence on the pop star. Between smoking pot, partying and living a little more recklessly, he’s supposedly pushed Bieber toward behaving a bit more like a frat boy and a little less like the wholesome kid many of his younger fans expect to see. The Biebs’ advisors are reportedly hoping the two musicians will part company, allowing Justin to head back to the high road before he spirals out of control.

Given how long Justin’s movements have been meticulously tracked and managed by other people, however, it’s easy to see why he would enjoy hanging out with Lil Twist. Not only does he obviously like to party and offer a different perspective on life, he also understands some of the day to day rigors involved with being a musician.

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Should Justin Bieber Stop Hanging Out With Lil Twist?

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