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Snoop Dogg Remixes Drop It Like It's Hot For Hot Pockets Ad

Snoop Dogg is getting into the business of selling Hot Pockets. The man has taken one of his most famous songs and turned it into a jingle for the Nestle brand, which produces multitudes of flavors of microwaveable frozen foods, and yes, I use the term food very lightly. Since the word “pocket” vaguely slant rhymes with “drop it,” I’m guessing anyone with one ear in the pop culture world can guess which song the famed rapper has remixed.

Snoop Dogg generally has some wacky business endeavors in the works. The man recently created a book of song lyrics which feature pages that can be ripped out and used to create joints. The Hot Pocket “Pocket Like It’s Hot” jingle, however, is a little more inside the box—in fact, the video for the product is largely similar to the original "Drop it Like it's Hot" video produced when the song was released by Snoop back in 2004. The only differences in this video are some of the lyrics, the bold product placement, and a rapping Andy Milonakis. I couldn’t even begin to explain the purpose of that latter addition.

In case you are wondering, Snoop talks about the “cheesy drizzle” of the Pocket, and even uses a massive version of one of those weirdo tinfoil things that help cook Hot Pockets as a sauna. Here’s a sample of one of the fine lyrics.

“When the craving's got a hold of you/Pocket like it's hot/And your munchies get an attitude/Pocket like it's hot”

If you’re munchies get an attitude, Steak N Shake is the better choice.

Jessica Rawden
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