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If you had to pick a country to smuggle weed into, Norway is far from your worst choice. That’s what Snoop Dogg discovered today after he exited a flight in Kristiansans, and officials allegedly found eight grams of marijuana and more cash than is legally acceptable to carry.

Like Chicago come August, Norway issues fines rather than arrests for packing less than fifteen grams of weed. For the rapper’s breach of pot protocol, he supposedly had to cough up around a thousand bucks. The obscene amount of cash reportedly cost him a bit more, north of seven thousand dollars.

According to TMZ, Snoop was very cooperative with the authorities and immediately paid his debt without protest. He’s scheduled to perform at the Hove Festival tonight, which means he’ll be raking in more than enough to still make the trip a big financial win.

Why Snoop doesn’t have a member of his entourage that’s solely in charge of transporting weed is one of the great mysteries of our time. The musician was caught with marijuana earlier this year by border patrol, and if he doesn’t enlist someone quickly, it seems likely he’ll be caught again in the near future.

Given the lax punishments in Norway, it’s unlikely we’ll ever hear about this story again, but if Snoop gets caught trying to exit the country with weed, we’ll make sure to bring you news of that fine as well.

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