Calvin Broadus may have made millions churning out rap albums and performing under his world famous moniker Snoop Dogg, but apparently, the title is no longer working for him. The forty-year-old announced he’s taking the reggae themes occasional to his past music and exploring them in the future via the name Snoop Lion.

Looking for a way to begin producing music to unite multiple generations, Snoop took a trip to Jamaica earlier this year, and while meeting with a Rastafarian priest, he was officially rechristened Snoop Lion. Months of recording with a new emphasis on positivity followed, and now, the musician is ready to show the world his new outlook. You can take at the press conference announcing the name change below…

It’s always tempting to write off name changes and genre swaps as desperate gimmicks, but given Snoop’s continued popularity as well as how well he’s done with reggae themes in the past, there might really be something to this Lion transition. He told The New York Daily News he may wind up rapping again, but for the time being, it’s on the backburner.

I’m down with the Lion, and I’m confident it will work out. What about you? Are you going to embrace Snoop’s change of direction, or do you think he should just keep rapping? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Is Snoop Lion Worthwhile Or A Waste Of Time?

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