The Statue Of Liberty And More Landmarks May Go Underwater Due To Climate Change

Lady Liberty could be up to her ankles in trouble before the end of the century. Rising water caused by climate change is endangering around 30 national landmarks in America and researchers are imploring that precautions be taken to protect these national treasures. Landmarks that could potentially be affected include Jamestown, Ellis Island, and The Statue of Liberty. All hope is not lost, however, as precautions can be taken to prevent the destruction of locations that have long served as a part of our nation's history.

CNN reports that if the climate's current path is continued, Jamestown will be fully under water by the end of the century. Virginia's Fort Monroe, which served as a crucial location in the Civil War, will soon become an island if the trend keeps up. Researchers say this can all be turned around by reducing carbon emissions; and if we don’t make a change soon, there will be devastating consequences to national landmarks. So how can we save our nation's history?

On a small level, we can do it at home, but I have to admit after scanning a list of ecologically sound tactics, a lot of it is easier said than done. In the Midwest. there very rarely is a “walk” option when the place you need to get to is over ten miles away. Telecommuting to work is an option that is more or less an impossibility not just for me, but most people. Also, I hate carpooling because I can’t control the radio, so that’s a no.

That being said, buying local counts as reducing your carbon footprint, and farmers' markets are the hidden gem relatively few people take advantage of. Those swirl bulbs you see at the store? They last a lot longer than the old bulbs and use a lot less energy, thus saving money. Perhaps my favorite on this list, stopping your junk mail. Cutting this paper noise out saves more of the climate than not driving nine million cars. C’mon, you’re not going to use those coupons any time soon, and it’s just cluttering up your mail area.

So how much work does it take to stop an annual 41 pounds of junk mail headed your direction? For a one time fee of $35.00, the non-profit organization 41Pounds will remove your family from any junk mail lists and allow for you to update it. If you’re in the business of not spending money, simple web searches will allow you to find most of the places sending you ads and you can opt out manually. So get out there and reduce your carbon footprint, save yourself from the annoyance of junk mail, and save our nation’s history!

Mick Joest
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