Taylor Swift's known for a the country charm she brings to many of her songs, but her new single "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" is pretty much all pop. And given its #1 spot on iTunes download list, it was understandably one of the more anticipated performances during MTV's Video Music Awards. At the very least, MTV saved Swift for last and hyped it up throughout the ceremony. Check out the video ahead.

Swift showed up to perform wearing a snug-fitting Waldo shirt and an adorable ponytail-and-bangs hairstyle and proceeded to bop around the stage with her dancers (some costumed - a nod to the music video, no doubt), declaring that "We are never ever (ever, ever) getting back together."

She did a bit of stage diving before confidently walking off stage. I also noted the random audience cut to Swift's ex-boyfriend Taylor Lautner near the end. He seemed to enjoy the performance. And so did the audience. Not a bad way to close out the VMA's, and considering she wasn't nominated for any awards this year, it gave her a pretty big presence at the ceremony regardless.

If you haven't seen the original music video for Swift's single, here it is in all its red-striped, animal-costumed glory:

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