Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Will Tour All Summer

Tom Petty fans have already known the well-dressed rocker and his heartbreaking band would be playing at plenty of festivals this summer. The highest profile of these is probably Bonnaroo, but the band is also set to play Gulf Shores, Alabama’s Hangout Music Festival and Dover, Delaware’s Firefly Festival, as well. Now, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers have announced a slew of other tour dates on top of all the festival stuff.

The 2013 Tom Petty tour will kick off in the heartland in Evansville, Indiana, a little industrial city set on the banks of the Ohio River, on May 16. Including all of the festival dates, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are set to play 21 gigs overall, including multiple dates in both New York City and Los Angeles. You can check out the full list of dates over at Tom Petty’s site, but be prepared to be potentially disgruntled. The band will play a lot of big city dates and festival dates, all of which cost a pretty penny, but the standalone dates in smaller cities are few and far between. The tour’s last date is currently June 29, when the Heartbreakers will play in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Tickets for a few tour dates are already on sale, including the Bonnaroo and Hangout festival tickets, but for the most part, fans will be able to purchase tickets for the nearest venue beginning in March. It should be noted that Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers have begun work on a new album set for 2014, and hopefully fans will get to hear some of that new music when the band hits the road this summer. You can learn more about the tickets via Ticketmaster, as well.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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