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Last week, Travis Barker got pulled over for not having a front license plate. Given the laws in Los Angeles, there wasn’t anything inappropriate about the traffic stop, but if his full story is to be believed, there is something inappropriate about what happened next. The Blink-182 drummer claims the officer got one look at his tattoos and got real serious in a hurry. He supposedly accused Barker of being a gang member and asked if he could search the car for drugs. When no banned substances were found, the cop wrote the musician a ticket and sent him on his way.

According to TMZ, the incident on Wednesday was remarkably similar to another traffic stop Barker had almost a year ago, which is why he’s convinced the entire situation is a sign of profiling. He doesn’t think all of the LAPD cops do it, but he thinks those who do need to cut it out. After all, he might have plenty of tattoos, but he’s a law abiding citizen. Assumedly, there are plenty of more people out there like him too.

Considering no trumped up tickets came from the traffic stop and no one got physical, it’s highly unlikely this alleged profiling situation will lead to any lawsuits or any more public jousting. The whole mess sounds like more of an annoying waste of time than anything else. Here’s to hoping the next time Barker gets pulled over he just gets a dirty look and a ticket like the rest of us.