Wrestler Jack Swagger has steadily moved up the ranks at the WWE since the company first hired him following an All-American wrestling career at the University of Oklahoma. Unfortunately, that impressive unknown to headliner run encountered its first real setback last night when he was pulled over by police and arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

According to TMZ, the incident happened in Biloxi, Mississippi. Swagger along with many of his co-workers taped a Smackdown performance at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum. Afterwards, Swagger reportedly got in his vehicle and was later pulled over for speeding. Cops decided to search the car, and at that point, they reportedly found marijuana, took him to the station and charged him with possession, driving under the influence and speeding. Luckily, all of those are misdemeanors in Mississippi; so, even if he pleads guilty, it’s likely he won’t serve any real jail time.

Swagger graduated from OU back in 2006 and was set to take a business job when he was offered a contract with the WWE. Over the next several years, he snaked his way through the developmental territories and eventually moved into the big leagues where he won several championships and became an established star. In recent weeks, he’s been playing a new pro-American, anti-foreign country gimmick, but with this arrest, it’s unclear whether he’ll be taken off the air for a short time.

Here’s to hoping this arrest was a one-time mistake and not a sign that something larger is wrong.

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