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I don’t know if you know this, but the Internet is obsessed with cats. Was there ever any doubt as to which potential Monopoly piece would get voted into the game? No. Was there ever any doubt a recent video of a cat experiencing snow for the first time would generate more than four million hits? No. That’s why no one should be surprised this clip of hipster Rudi Saldia speeding around town on a bike with his cat hanging out on his shoulder has proven very popular.

Shot with a Go Pro camera, the footage features Rudi racing around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania like he’s a bike messenger. He dodges between cars and takes the occasional pauses to snuggle with his feline friend named MJ. Obviously, there’s something utterly bizarre about the activity, but there’s also something quite endearing about it too.

I don’t think a dog would ever agree to this activity, but if one did, it would get exponentially more dangerous. Is it safe for a cat to sit on a biker’s shoulder? No, probably not. But fortunately for cats, they’re like the best fallers in the world. They routinely escape what should be injuries. So, even if Rudi crashed, something tells me MJ would end up in better shape than his owner.

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