Hollywood may give us at least two different looks at the crazy, over-the-top world of magic this year, but the majority of illusions are still performed by random people on the street with a simple goal of making people smile. My college roommate used to pull out a gag that involved setting a deck of cards on fire whenever he hit the sauce and wanted to risk sending himself to the hospital/ get some random girl’s attention, and this dude in the video, while not risking burns, is in the same boat.

Beyond the basic creativity of the trick, the thing that works best about this video is the way it’s edited. Magic videos always work most effectively when the early segment shows how the trick works and the latter segments depict reactions and/ or any variations on the basic model. That allows the user to appreciate the reactions without being confused by what’s happening.

The line between being sort of creepy and a whole lot of fun is often a little blurry in magic. Fortunately for this dude, and the women he interacts with, he stays on the right side of that line throughout.

As always, we’ll keep bringing you worthwhile magic tricks when we come across them.

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