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People who grow up in warm climates usually assume that children in cold climates have snow days all the time. That’s actually not true. In places where it snows frequently, there are so many plows and so many mechanisms in place to clear the roads quickly that it takes a full on blizzard to close school. During my entire time growing up in Chicago, I only remember having two total snow days, and if this video from Toronto is any indication, it would probably take two feet to keep people at home.

Late last month, a real estate agent woke up early and filmed the city’s snowplows cleaning off Highway 401. The footage captures more than a dozen trucks in total, all of which move in tandem with reckless efficiency. Take a look at the clip below…

Humans have accomplished a lot during our history, but very few of those feats have been more impressive or important than conquering the weather. Once upon a time, our ancestors used to have to hide in caves when the weather went south. Not anymore. Now we just trot out more than a dozen plows and we're headed to the office fifteen minutes later.

Also, it’s important to note how well the people of Canada are behaved in this video. Snowy reads slow some people down in the United States, but there are always still a few assholes who try to push it. Up north, everyone drives a sensible speed and no one seems pissed off about it in the slightest.

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