Watch How The Snooze Button Actually Causes People To Feel Groggier

Sleep is a time-consuming endeavor and while many of us would love it if we could wake up naturally in the morning, work, school and other endeavors may force many of us to use an alarm clock. Among the factions of alarm users, there are those who wake up promptly and those who choose the snooze button. However, as this new video from ASAP Science shows, when you snooze, you lose.

According to the video, our bodies begin preparing for us to wake up naturally about an hour ahead of time. Alarms in general will cut short the processes that help to wake a human body up. Then, if people go even further into the wake and then sleep, wake and then sleep mode used with the snooze system, they can damage their energy further, as the body can trick itself into starting a sleep cycle over, which means when the person eventually gets up after one or more snoozes, the body will probably feel even more tired than it would have with just one alarm.

Regulating your sleep schedule can go a long way to helping your body to function properly throughout the day. However, for parents this can be more difficult. Regulating a kiddo’s sleep patterns can get a little more tricky, but luckily there’s all kinds of ways to calm kids and even animals and get them to rest. If worse comes to worse and you need a way to jolt your child awake, there’s always the “Gangnam Style” method, although my creative methods may not be as inherently scientific as ASAP Science’s. After all, he actually has science in his working moniker.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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