After a few months of post break-up, diva behavior, Justin Bieber is back with the official music video for “All Around the World (ft. Ludacris).” The video offers a montage of the Biebs singing the popular track at a ton of different venues around the world—and just in case you were mistaking his world tour for a US-only event, historic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower pop up in some filler shots.

Amidst speculation that Justin Bieber may be turning into a lowlife, getting kicked out of night clubs and possibly spitting on his neighbor, the “All Around the World” video gives us a reminder of Bieber’s other side. With tons of screaming fans at Bieber’s gigs and plenty of dance moves, the video offers hints of the Bieber we saw in Never Say Never. The Biebs announced a “surprise” to his Twitter followers on Thursday, releasing the new video early on Friday. All in all, the live feel of the video works perfectly for the track.

It’s been a rough few months for Bieber. The 19-year-old singer broke up with longtime girlfriend Selena Gomez late last year and then spent several months pursuing the young woman. When that didn’t work, the formerly squeaky clean young man took to pot, touring antics and a slew of other problems. Hopefully, the “All Around the World” video will mark a turnaround for the young man.

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