While the CW just debuted Beauty and the Beast last night, it looks like Justin Bieber's on the hunt for a beauty and a beat. The music video for Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj's collaboration "Beauty and a Beat" has arrived! Not only is the Biebs seen singing and splash-dancing in a fountain-pool in the video, but he also wrote, directed and shot it. Check it out ahead!

They're partying like its 3012 in this new video, which just went online today. The upbeat song features Nicki Minaj, who makes an appearance looking like pink cotton candy at about the three-minute mark in the nearly-five-minute video.

Props to Beiber for the synchronized pool dancing. Can't be easy keeping up when you're up to your knees in water. The handheld camera shots give the video the look of something someone would share on Facebook or Youtube to show off the amazing pool party they went to (or "stolen" footage, by the video's intro) - mixed with clips of singing and dancing, of course. And that works for what's being conveyed here, I think. If fun is the story being told here, the point has most definitely been made.

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