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The above video and some of the songs mentioned in this article are probably not safe for work and are intended for mature audiences.

It almost seems like The Lonely Island has found a way to parody themselves with their latest tune, "Diaper Money," which celebrates things married men and fathers appreciate, like cash for diapers, a wife around to satisfy their needs (when she feels like it) and a grave plot all picked out. The above installment, which was shared by EW, was posted on YouTube as part of the streaming video site's Comedy Week.

Many of us probably know The Lonely Island best for their contributions to Saturday Night Live. Their digital shorts have given us such classics as "I Just Had Sex", "Dick in a Box," "Lazy Sunday" and "Jizz in My Pants," all songs - you may note - that feature a bunch of single guys living the bachelor life. With that in mind, "Diaper Money" suggests a pretty drastic shift for the artists in the lifestyle they're celebrating. Or they're parody themselves in the lives they'll have once the days of casual sex and cupcakes are behind them. Either way, it's another winner for the group.

Those who aren't scraping every nickel and dime they have to cover the high cost of diapers or to get that burial plot (right off the highway) they've had their eye on can purchase "Diaper Money" over at iTunes. And you can check out YouTube's other Comedy Week videos here. Among the other highlights currently on YouTube is The Gregory Brother's musical "The History of Youtube."

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