Watch This Pig Wake Up To Eat A Cookie

If you give a pig a cookie, he’s going to eat it. He’s a pig after all, what do you expect? Pigs are the type of animals, as evidenced by this video, to not let anything get in the way of their food, even sleep. I would wager however, that most people would awake to eat a cookie so I can’t hold it against him. I’m skeptical though as to whether it was really the cookie that enticed the pig, or any type of food that would’ve awoken the pig.

When it comes to food, pigs can literally eat anything humans can eat. They just don't seem to feel any shame about it. Any random pig will eat anything that you place in front of it. Eggs, pancakes, cell phones, other people, and yes even bacon. You never want to get between a pig and its meal, because they can and will straight up eat you instead. It’s not like they’ll hunt you however, you gotta lay pretty still for awhile.

Stepping back from the gruesome gluttony, what about this pig sleeping in the video? My favorite part is how small the pig looks initially and then you pan out and see this hog takes up half the bed! Is this pig a sleeping buddy with a member of the family? If so, how uncomfortable is it to try and make room for a pig on a twin bed? Maybe this is the pig's bed? If so that’s even crazier.

There is a lot of evidence that states pigs are more intelligent than dogs, and for that reason, we shouldn’t eat them. Here’s the problem with that though, dogs are adorable and pigs are fat slobs. If pigs are so smart, why do they continue to stuff their faces and fatten up instead of getting lean and muscular? Domestication has done this species no favors in terms of evolutionary advantage. Look at their wild relatives in the wild boar and warthog, no one wants to screw with those guys because they are tough as hell! Rise up pigs, it’s either eat or be eaten...or made into delicious bacon...mmm bacon.

Mick Joest
Content Producer

Mick Joest is a Content Producer for CinemaBlend with his hand in an eclectic mix of television goodness. Star Trek is his main jam, but he also regularly reports on happenings in the world of Star Trek, WWE, Doctor Who, 90 Day Fiancé, Quantum Leap, and Big Brother. He graduated from the University of Southern Indiana with a degree in Journalism and a minor in Radio and Television. He's great at hosting panels and appearing on podcasts if given the chance as well.