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Watch This Prankster Pretend There's A Lion Hiding In The Bushes

YouTube legend Tom Mabe has been at the prank game on YouTube for years. Recently, he partnered up with rising star Roman Atwood to prank homeless people with free pizza, but his latest effort done by himself might be the best idea he’s had in years. Armed with a safari costume, a boom box with lion noises and a walkie talkie, Mabe hid the boom box inside the bushes of a local park and began giving and receiving commands to another individual about how to catch the lion hiding inside.

At first, the prank did little more than scare the hell out of some joggers passing by, but eventually, word reached both the local news and the police department, both of which descended on the scene. The footage ends before we’re able to see whether Mabe lets people know his antics were a joke, but even if he didn’t, it wouldn’t have taken people long to discover the boom box in the bushes or the absence of a lion.

The key to Tom Mabe’s success is how little he looks like a prankster. A lot of people out there trying to goof on the general public don’t look particularly trustworthy. Mabe, however, looks like Ron Swanson; so, it allows him to continue his jokes for far longer without people becoming suspicious.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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