A strong case could be made that apart from dogs, cats and maybe dolphins, there are no animals more beloved than pandas. If people ever stopped thinking they were too adorable for words, they’d probably have real extinction problems. Luckily, that’ll never be a problem thanks to moments like this.

Zoo patrons in Asia were recently filming some adorable red panda cubs when one of the workers startled the youngsters. One of them took the slight fright like a champ, but the other freaked out in a hilarious, over-the-top manner. Check out the cute footage of the incident below…

I don’t know if it’s an evolutionary adaptation to get on the good side of humans or what, but pandas are the only creatures I know of that look cute while they’re scared. Normally, the impulse responses of animals that feel trapped, cornered or confronted involve a lot of teeth, claws and hissing. This cub just pratfalls like he’s Joe Pesci in Home Alone.

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