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There's a budding trend circulating YouTube lately. While not quite as viral as the Harlem Shake (yet, anyway), people seem to be having some fun with Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble" song and video, inserting funny soundbites into a certain part of the tune. The song itself borders on overplayed, at least, for those of us who have overplayed Swift's album Red, and we really have only ourselves to blame there. But I have yet to grow tired of this budding video trend.

Just after Swift sings about "lyin' on the cold, hard ground," the video inserts some other video snippet. The first one I've seen is the screaming goat version…

The screaming goats have been added to other songs as well, from One Direction to the Beatles and Justin Bieber.

Meanwhile, this one manages to make use of a Nicolas Cage movie in Swift's video:

Not the bees! Thanks, The Wicker Man.

And this one pretty much proves that you can put anything screechy into that part of the song and make it work…

The paper towel dispenser video holds the #2 spot on YouTube's most viewed videos today.

I'm thinking the possibilities for this song are pretty limitless and knowing the internet, there are more out there. Here's a supercut of other songs receiving a similar treatment.