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Watch This Video To Find Out How Life On Earth Would Continue Without The Sun

There might not be any point in discussing what would happen if the sun suddenly disappeared, but then again, a startling lack of probability hasn’t stopped high school nerds the world over from talking about what they would do if the prettiest girl in school liked them. It also hasn’t stopped V Sauce from asking if we can function without our brains, if we see colors differently and if we could survive with only one nostril either. Besides, it turns out this topic is utterly fascinating.

Human beings might not be able to survive forever without the sun, but life on Earth would actually continue for billions of years at the bottom of oceans among creatures that have no idea the sun even exists now. In fact, they might keep on keeping on long enough that our planet would actually fall into orbit with an entirely different sun, thawing out our since partially frozen Earth and re-creating the conditions needed for intelligent life similar to what we have now. Evolution could start over once again, which is both fucking awesome and proof one of our greatest philosophers was right. Life finds a way..

If you don't watch at least one science-related video on YouTube a week, you're using that website incorrectly.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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