It’s not surprising Jessica Simpson would decide to sell baby pictures of her newborn Maxwell. An overwhelming majority of celebrities famous enough to get tabloid offers wind up taking them, but what is surprising is how little money the combination actress and singer wound up getting.

According to WWD, the starlet will take home eight hundred thousand dollars for the first snapshots of her daughter from People Magazine. That might sound like a ton of money to the rest of us who willingly show off our children for free, but as big money offers go, this one is rather measly. Brad & Angie reportedly raked in more than ten million dollars for their baby shots, and a few years ago, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony nabbed six million. Even Matthew McConaughey was able to line his pockets with three million dollars; so, when compared against her competition, her 800K is kind of pitiful.

Now, there are really only two possibilities in play here. The first is that the powers that be have decided we’re collectively just not as interested in baby photos as we once were. The second is that, much as she’d like to claim otherwise, the reality star just isn’t nearly as popular as any of those other celebs who nabbed seven or eight figure payouts.

I’m surprised she couldn’t wrestle up more money for Maxwell’s pictures, but I’m convinced the reason has to be one of the two mentioned above. What do you think? Is Jessica Simpson just not that popular, or are we all just pretty indifferent about celebrity babies now? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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