Who Hires Women To Get Naked At A Party? The Biebs Does

Think about the fratiest frat guy you met in college at his most frat-tastic point. Think about all the stupid and crazy nonsense he got up to. Now think about how much worse it would have been if he had millions of dollars, a mansion, flashy cars and famous friends at his disposal. All the shenanigans would probably have been turned up to eleven. There would have been more kegs, more dumb handshakes, more head-scratching behavior and plenty of naked women, even if they had to pay. Just ask Justin Bieber.

The pop star may not have gone to college, but he’s a wannabe frat dude if I’ve ever seen one. He loves bro time, big parties and naked chicks. So, this past weekend, he threw a raging party at his home and allegedly hired about twenty women to strip off their clothes and have a damn good time. According to TMZ, confidentiality agreements forbid those attendees from talking on the record about what happened, but sources who were there are saying big name guests like Floyd Mayweather, Chris Brown, T.I., Trey Songz and Snoop Lion dropped as much as ten thousand dollars on the women. Some of them also reportedly played strip beer pong with the hired help, as well as some of the random female invitees who had an unclothed good time.

I get the appeal of wanting naked women around during a party. There are few things more enjoyable for a straight dude than having a few beers, shooting the shit with friends and seeing some boobs, but there’s something kind of creepy about paying women to get naked at a party. It sort of screams desperate and uncomfortable, though it’s not as if Bieber doesn’t have the money to foot the bill without the slightest alteration in his quality of life.

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