Police were called to Rihanna’s home earlier this week after her neighbors spotted a man lingering outside a nearby property. They apparently confronted him about his presence, and after it became clear he was just one of the pop star’s fans, they detained him until the authorities arrived. He later told officers he broke into Rihanna’s house and snooped around, but upon further review, he actually broke into the house next door on accident.

According to TMZ, the Rihanna fan claimed he was emailed instructions about where the house was at and how to get inside. So, either the mystery emailer passed along incompetent information to the man who was arrested, or the apprehended dude followed the instructions incorrectly but the entrance plan amusingly worked on the house next door too. Either way, police have launched a burglary investigation, and he’ll likely be charge with that if he took anything or trespassing if he didn’t.

I get the impulse to want to see where celebrities live, but there’s a big difference between buying one of those star maps and driving by houses and parking, snooping around and gaining access. The latter is really dangerous and unacceptable.

Rihanna and whoever owned the other house should count themselves lucky that they have good neighbors who keep their eyes open for shady business. They called the police, were proactive about the situation and made sure the guy knew what he was doing was completely unacceptable. We'd all be lucky to live by people who cared as much.

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