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Why Signing Tim Tebow Is A Great Idea For The Patriots

Tim Tebow is the most accurately rated quarterback in the history of the National Football League, precisely because almost no one rates him accurately. If you listen to his supporters, he’s a multi-dimensional first string quarterback capable of leading a winning football team for years to come. If you listen to his detractors, he’s a fundamentally-challenged goof who used a lifetime’s worth of luck to go on a magical run that’ll never be repeated. And the truth, well, it’s embedded somewhere directly in the middle of those polarized reactions. The truth is Tebow is capable of making a real contribution to an NFL football team, provided he’s placed in an opportunity in which he’s capable of succeeding.

Earlier today, whispers started to leak out of National Football League offices that the New England Patriots have come to terms with the former Florida Gator on a contract. The news was later confirmed by ESPN. Within just a few short minutes, Twitter’s trending topics looked like this…

twitter trending topics

The general consensus among NFL experts prior to today’s signing was that Tebow wouldn’t land with any teams because they wouldn’t want to risk a sideshow. After all, who wants their back-up or even worse, third string quarterback to be generating headlines? Well, apparently Bill Belichick does, and more than likely, his little experiment won’t generate nearly as many headlines as people think.

Part of the reason why Tebow caused such a ruckus in New York last year was because starter Mark Sanchez was godawful. He threw interception after interception. The team lost game after game, and not surprisingly, a lot of fans wanted to see if Tebow could do any better. In New England, however, there won’t be a quarterback controversy. Even Tebow’s biggest supporters won’t claim he should start over future hall of famer Tom Brady, which will allow Coach Belichick to actually figure out a real role for Tebow. Maybe he’ll keep him as a third string quarterback and work on his fundamentals throughout the season. Maybe he’ll turn him into a tight end. Maybe he’ll use him in punting situations or on kick returns.

The possibilities are damn near limitless with Tebow, which is why he’s an ideal guy to fill out a roster. Over the years, Belichick has prided himself on getting maximum usage out of numerous guys who were all but left on the trash heap by other NFL teams. In Tebow, Belichick will be given an opportunity to prove his talent once again, and in the Patriots, Tebow will be given a chance to show what an incredible physical specimen he really is.

There are a lot of people out there who will tell you Tim Tebow is horrendous. There are others who will tell you he’s a future star. Bravo to the Patriots organization for seeing through all that bullshit and seeing the quarterback for what he truly is: a project that’s deserving of the right opportunity.

Mack Rawden

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