Before the first season of the American version of X Factor even went on the air, Cheryl Cole was fired, supposedly over fears viewers wouldn’t be able to understand her accent. Since then, the show has become a revolving door of talent. From Steve Jones to Paula Abdul to LA Reid to Nicole Scherzinger, the change-ups have been numerous, which is why it came as little surprise earlier this week when rumors emerged that new co-host Khloe Kardashian had been canned.

If her sister Kim is to be believed, however, that’s not actually the case. She told TMZ no decisions have been made about whether or not Khloe will return, and some sources close to the show are actually backing that up and saying Simon has no idea what he wants to do yet.

On the one hand, Khloe is an extremely personable host. She’s able to relate to the contestants, and she comes across as genuinely sympathetic when dealing with the voted off contestants. She’s good with chit-chat, and she has a nice, comfortable on-air relationship with co-host Mario Lopez. On the other hand, Khloe is really not very good when it comes to handling wordy introductions and lengthy transitions. She’s not the best at reading off the teleprompter quickly and adding the correct inflections.

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Should X Factor Bring Khloe Back?

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