Following Lindsay Lohan’s car accident last summer, the starlet’s now ex-assistant, Gavin, reportedly told the police his boss was driving. Unfortunately for Lindsay, she told the police the exact opposite, and that exchange is the reason why she’s currently staring down lying to police and probation violation charges. Since the initial encounter, Gavin has made it very clear he doesn’t want to be involved in the investigation, but unfortunately for him, he no longer has a choice.

According to TMZ, the Los Angeles City Attorney was able to secure a subpoena earlier this month, and it was recently presented to Gavin. That means he’ll be forced to testify at Lindsay’s upcoming trial, and since he reportedly told police immediately after the wreck that he was not driving, he’ll either need to confirm that original stance or accuse police officers of lying. You wouldn’t imagine he’d be keen to do the latter; so, more than likely, he’ll testify against his former boss.

Some people around Linday have recommended she talk to the prosecution about a plea agreement that will prevent further problems, but sources close to the situation have said she has no interest in doing that and will more than likely fight it out in court. Obviously, she and Gavin are the only two people who know for sure who was behind the wheel that day. For Lindsay’s sake, I hope the jury buys her story because, if not, she could wind up spending some real time behind bars.

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