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Taylor Swift Says She Had To Learn To Stop Being So Polite

Recounting the lessons she gathered before she turns 30, Taylor Swift claims she needed to learn how to be less polite.

Katy Perry Open To Collaborating With Taylor Swift

Despite their feud-filled history, Katy Perry admits that she's open to collaborating with her frenemy Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift's Home Invader Arrested Following Second Break-In

One of Taylor Swift's stalkers has been arrested for the second time in less than a year for attempting to break into her residence.

Taylor Swift Explains Why Putting Her Real Life Into Songs Is Important

Taylor Swift believes it's important to put her real life into her songs. Here's why.

Watch Taylor Swift Surprise Super-Fans With A Song For Engagement

Taylor Swift surprised two super-fans at their engagement party with a live musical performance.

Zayn Malik Says Taylor Swift Really Does Travel Inside A Suitcase

Zayn Malik claims Taylor Swift travels from place-to-place inside a suitcase. Literally.

John Mayer Teases Ex Taylor Swift's Album Reputation

John Mayer talks about his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift and her album, Reputation.

Why Taylor Swift Didn't Get A Video Of The Year Nomination At The VMAs

If you were wondering why Taylor Swift didn't get a nomination for this year's Video Music Awards, we might have the answer why.

Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Freak Out When Hearing Daughter's Voice At Taylor Swift's Concert

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively had adorable reactions to hearing their daughter's voice at a Taylor Swift concert, and you can watch them in a new video.

Taylor Swift Is Being Sued Over Her New Mobile Game

Taylor Swift's new mobile game might find the pop singer in court soon.

What Selena Gomez's Mom Loves About Her Friendship With Taylor Swift
Katy Perry Ends Feud With Taylor Swift By Offering A Literal Olive Branch

Who needs subtlety between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry?

Taylor Swift Addresses Kim And Kanye Drama In New Tour

T. Swift dished out some drama on her Reputation tour.

Another Taylor Swift Stalker Has Been Arrested

Another celebrity stalker gets put away.

Taylor Swift Is Dealing With A Dude Who Thinks He's Her Husband, Has A Gun

Singer Taylor Swift has certainly seen both sides of the fame monster, as all of her dating exploits are breakups are broadcast into the pop culture lexicon. Now it looks like Swift has yet another stalker on her hands.

Is Katy Perry Appearing In Taylor Swift’s New Video?

Many music fans want Katy Perry and Taylor Swift to move on from their feud. Do Perry and Swift now want to move on, too?

Taylor Swift’s Convicted Groper Finally Paid Her

As Taylor Swift promotes Reputation, the man who groped her finally sent her money.

Sam Smith Weighs In On Kim Kardashian And Taylor Swift Drama

Sam Smith supposedly is friendly with both Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift, so where does he stand on their feud?

How Taylor Swift Probably Called Out Kanye And Kim Kardashian In Her New Album

Taylor Swift was not about to let anybody trample her reputation, and on Reputation she lets her Hollywood frenemies know why.

How Long Taylor Swift's Reputation Will Be Kept Off Of Streaming Services

Taylor Swift is staring down big sales with Reputation, but streaming services are out of luck for a while.

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