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After a long hiatus, we're back with the ongoing series Virgin Territory, in which I watch a movie I've never seen and talk about it with someone who loves it. This week I'm tackling a big one: haunted for years by this Onion article and the demands of my cinephile friends in general, I finally watched the pristine new Blu-Ray of Apocalypse Now. Lots of my friends were excited about this, but perhaps none more so than Dave Gonzales, known to some of you from the Operation Kino podcast, and also from his work at Latino Review. You can find him on Twitter too if you're so inclined.

Check out our 15 minute conversation below, in which we get into the famously plagued production of Apocalypse Now, how it affected the movie, how many great actors manage their way into the film, how it marks the end of a 70s renaissance of filmmaking, and why you might call it a cinnamon landmark. That's right, I said cinnamon.

For the rest of the Virgin Territory series, go here, where you can find me talking Superman: The Movie with Matt Patches, All the President's Men with James Rocchi, Terms of Endearment with Mike Ryan, and The Evil Dead with Eric Eisenberg.