Osmosis Jones

The Hobbit hates a headcold. Thus, I was shocked to discover that fighting one could be so much fun. Osmosis Jones is a surprisingly intelligent and witty film... for a movie about one-celled organisms.

Osmosis Jones stars the vocal talents of Chris Rock, as Osmosis Jones, a white blood cell cop inhabiting the city of Frank (Bill Murray). When Frank's bad hygiene causes a germ infestation, its up to Osmosis and his cold pill partner "Drix" (David Hyde Pierce) to save Frank and his millions of single celled residents from certain death.

A film about blood cells inside the human body may seem odd, but Osmosis Jones manages a wonderful blending of live action and animated scenes. While a bit prone to silly Flintstones-esc naming gags. {For example, everyone goes to see Kid Rock, because he'll be passing soon.) Osmosis delivers quick and funny wit with a healthy dose of sarcasm. Bill Murray manages to be disgusting and lovable all at once, as he barfs, farts, and pimple pops his way to bad health.

But most of the Jonesing fun is internal, as in inside Murray's innards. The city inside the man is beautifully constructed, and in its own way a wackily beautiful backdrop for the talented voices behind the blood cells at work. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there is still more to William Shatner than halting speech and bad Priceline.com commercials. He's hilarious as the greedy mayor of Frank, without resorting to his tired "I talk funny" Shatner gags.

If nothing else, Osmosis Jones presents a unique and truly creative vision of another world beyond our own. And while its confined to the rather poorly kept innards of a slovenly middle aged man, even a pimple can be a wacky world of wonder.

With Bill Murray continuing to mold like crusty cheddar cheese, Chris Rock picking more and more bad "Hey I'm Black!" scripts, and William Shatner continuing to balloon to widths beyond which even his girdle can contain, Osmosis Jones could will be the last decent film any of these actors appear in. It may not cure the common cold, but on that basis alone, Osmosis Jones is worth at least a look.