John Boyega Talks Star Wars Producers Arguing Over Lightsaber Colors And How That Inspired His Career

John Boyega as Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens
(Image credit: Lucasfilm)

John Boyega’s tenure in the Star Wars universe may have ended with 2019’s Rise of Skywalker, but the major experience continues to affect the British actor’s career going forward, including his decision to work more behind the scenes. In recent years, Boyega has become a producer on a number of his projects. As he recalled, his time on Star Wars led to that decision, and he specifically remembered a moment involving an argument about lightsaber colors. 

The Star Wars actor first earned the name of producer on Pacific Rim: Uprising before also executive producing the based-on-a-true story drama Breaking and the upcoming Attack The Block sequel. In a conversation with Black Panther’s Letitia Wright (per Variety) regarding how he got into producing, John Boyega said this: 

In between takes, they’d bring out the convoy of cars that would just come out of nowhere. There was a tent in the distance, and all the producers would go into the tent. And they were discussing what color the lightsaber should be! I was really inspired by it. They’re involved in the conversations that are going to change cinematic history. I want to do that. I have a creative perspective, and I would love to share that with the audience.

While starring in the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, now available to stream with a Disney+ subscription, he noticed he was interested in having a producer’s job, which on the set of the blockbuster films would allow him to make major creative decisions. It’s one thing to show up and read your lines, but Boyega wants to be part of the deeper conversations filmmakers make about movies that really matter past his own decisions for his particular character. 

John Boyega has been open in the past about his bigger wishes for the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, such as a stormtrooper rebellion, which he believes the movies should have had, along with Luke’s character being fleshed out before his death. Fans are also understandably mad regarding Finn’s story in the trilogy since he was sidelined as the movies went on. Boyega was not necessarily satisfied either, and shared that he had “honest” conversations with Disney after the fact to perhaps help the next round of people. 

John Boyega’s most recent project to come out was being part of The Woman King cast, where he played King Ghezo alongside the likes of Viola Davis and Lashana Lynch. Next up, he’ll star in a science-fiction comedy called They Cloned Tyrone with Jamie Foxx, Kiefer Sutherland and Teyonah Parris, as well a sci-fi thriller called The Test.

Despite Star Wars falling short in terms of bringing to life John Boyega’s Finn in a way fans and the actor would have liked, the actor gained a lot from the role. He became a household name and learned that he’d like to work behind the scenes, in addition to being an actor. No wonder so many actors are getting into producing these days; it allows them more ownership over their projects!

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