A Tourist's Guide To Love: What We Know About Rachael Leigh Cook's New Netflix Rom-Com

the stars of a tourist's guide to love
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If you happen to enjoy what are known as the best romantic comedies, then you’re probably a sucker for any new rom-com that comes our way. And, if that’s true and you are also one of the many people with a Netflix subscription, then you probably know that the streaming service is home to a great number of movies in the genre, including quite a few originals. Well, it won’t be long before we’ll see an actress return to the genre that, arguably, made her famous, when Rachael Leigh Cook’s new film, A Tourist’s Guide To Love hits the streamer this spring. 

Luckily, we have lots of information about the upcoming rom-com, and are ready to give you the details you need to know to get even more excited for the new movie. Let’s dig in!

What Is The A Tourist’s Guide To Love Release Date?

the stars of a tourist's guide to love

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As noted earlier, we don’t have too much longer to wait until the romantic film debuts, with Netflix announcing in late January 2023 that A Tourist’s Guide To Love will hit the streamer on April 21. Seeing as how there’s not much time left before the premiere, let’s all hope that we’re treated to a trailer before long!

Rachael Leigh Cook And Scott Ly Star, With Ben Feldman And Others Rounding Out The Cast

the stars of a tourist's guide to love

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Rachael Leigh Cook was first announced as the star of the upcoming rom-com when Variety broke the news in early April 2021. The star of the ‘90s classic, She’s All That (who also took part in Netflix’s 2021 remake as a member of the He’s All That cast) will be paired with Scott Ly, who’ll be most recognizable from his role as Danh on the TNT crime drama, Animal Kingdom, but has also appeared on shows like FBI: Most Wanted, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, and Bones.

As with any good romantic comedy, they’ll be supported by some talented co-stars. Deadline announced that the movie will also feature Superstore’s Ben Feldman, Missi Pyle (Y: The Last Man), Nondumiso Tembe (Six), Andrew Barth Feldman (High School Musical: The Musical – The Series), Jacqueline Correa (Graduate), Alexa Povah (The King’s Man), Morgan Lynee Dudley (The Prom), and Glynn Sweet (Rosamunde Pilcher). Additionally, Netflix noted that Vietnamese talent, Meritorious Artist Lê Thiện and rising star Quinn Trúc Trần are also in the cast.

You Can Watch The Trailer Right Now!

the stars of a tourist's guide to love

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Late March 2023 gave us our first real glimpse at what we can expect to see when the upcoming film premieres, and it looks like it'll be a grand adventure:

Romance, beautiful scenery, and a heartwarming story? I'm there!

The Rom-Com Sees A Travel Executive Go Undercover In Vietnam To Learn About Their Tourism Industry

the stars of a tourist's guide to love

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The story for A Tourist’s Guide To Love will, of course, feature travel. We’ll follow Cook’s character, Amanda, who’s a travel exec, after a sudden breakup leads her to accept an assignment to work undercover as a regular tourist in Vietnam, in the hope of learning more about the tourism industry there. Tudum noted that she soon meets the “charismatic and freewheeling expat” tour guide, Sinh (Ly), who gives her a taste of adventure (and some sweet romantical stuff) when he takes their tour group off the standard path so they can really explore the country. Can’t wait to see it!

The Vietnamese Holiday Tết Is Important To The Plot

the stars of a tourist's guide to love

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Tudum also gave us some more insight on the plot, as it revealed that the Vietnamese Lunar New Year celebration, Tết, is an important aspect, especially as Amanda lands in the country just in time to join in the festivities. The screenwriter, Eirene Tran Donohue, expounded on the holiday’s value to the story, saying:

Tết is a holiday that focuses on new beginnings. Releasing the past year and stepping into a new one, opening yourself up to opportunity and setting intentions and seeking good fortune. Creating the life that you were meant to live. That [is] very much a central theme in the movie — plus you get to have all those beautiful party scenes!

Sounds like Amanda traveled to Vietnam just in time to really get the push she needs to get over that breakup, huh?

Screenwriter Eirene Tran Donohue Based The Story On Her Own Life

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Speaking of the writer (who also wrote the Lifetime Christmas movie A Sugar & Spice Holiday), she also explained to Tudum that she used her own life experiences to craft the story. Apparently, she suffered through her own breakup right before she was due to set off on a five-week trip to Vietnam, where much of her mom’s family still resides, and:

On my last week in Vietnam, I met a Canadian backpacker who was very much a free spirit and very adventurous. It made me realize that I didn't actually want a safe predictable life. He was supposed to be my holiday fling, [but] we have been together ever since — 22 years.

Ahhh. The romance, you guys! SWOOOOOON! I think it’s probably hard to go wrong when you base your story on a real life romantic adventure like this.

It’s The First U.S. Movie Filmed Entirely In Vietnam, And Features A “Modern Thriving Country”

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We’ve also heard that this movie has broken some new ground, as it’s the first U.S. film to be completely filmed on location in Vietnam. The writer also noted to Tudum that it was important to her to have a story set in the country that didn’t focus on “the trauma of war.” She said:

There are almost no American movies set in Vietnam that aren't about the trauma of war. It was really important to me to tell a story about life now. One that was full of joy and love and celebration. I wanted to change the conversation about Vietnam, to highlight it as a modern thriving country whose stories are worthy of being told.

I know I can’t wait to see a story filled with this kind of light and happiness in the country!

Rachael Leigh Cook Is A “Lover Of Love” And Related To The Story

rachael leigh cook in love, guaranteed

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Cook, who also starred in Netflix’s 2020 romantic comedy, Love, Guaranteed and several Hallmark romances, has, um, guaranteed that she loves rom-coms and performing in them. The star is also producing A Tourist’s Guide To Love, and had this to say about how she relates to the story it tells:

I can’t quit you, rom-coms! I just can’t stay away. I am a lover of love…I've experienced too many breakups in my own life. The idea of restarting your life is a topic that all too many of us are forced to reckon with, whether we like it or not.

It sounds like A Tourist’s Guide To Love Is really in the best possible hands to deliver all the rom-com feels fans have been on the lookout for!

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