All Of Us Are Dead: 10 Other Great Korean Horror Movies And TV Shows To Watch Next

Two of the characters in All Of Us Are Dead.
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If you know me, you know I’m a zombie/horror fan. 

I love shows that are like The Walking Dead. I adore some of the best horror movies out there. I even ranked all of the Halloween movies. So you better believe that when I found out Netflix was coming out with another amazing Korean horror series, I was down. 

As someone who had previously binged all of Archive 81, I was ready to get creeped out again by this zombie outbreak that happened at a high school, of all places. And thankfully, I was not disappointed. However, after binging through these episodes so quickly, one can only wonder what to watch next. 

If you’re looking for more media like All Of Us Are Dead, you should check out these amazing Korean horror movies and TV shows. Korea knows how to do their horror really well, so if you loved this show, I’m positive you’ll love all of these as well. 

An example of the gore in Kingdom.

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Kingdom (2019 - Present)

If you’re looking for a combination of a period piece and horror, check out Kingdom. This fantastic show follows a crowned prince as he embarks on an adventure when his kingdom is falling apart. A plague is turning people into monsters, and now, he must figure out the reason why. 

As someone who also binge-watched all of Kingdom in a day, I can say that this show is freaking awesome. Not only does it have the zombie gore I’m sure fans of All Of Us Are Dead ask for, but the set design of this show is top tier. As a period piece, the designers have to work meticulously harder to make sure everything looks relatively realistic to the setting, and they do a fantastic job here. 

Stream Kingdom on Netflix.

Gong Yoo in Train to Busan

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Train To Busan (2016)

I’m sure everyone at some point has heard of Train to Busan. This critically-acclaimed horror movie follows a group of people traveling on a bullet train to Busan in South Korea in an attempt to stay alive during a horrible zombie outbreak. 

I could go on for hours about Train to Busan. It’s a must-watch for fans of All Of Us Are Dead. This was one of the first horror movies I ever watched and was one of the first pieces of zombie imagery that got me into the genre. The acting is phenomenal, the themes incredible, the story perfect - it all just molds together perfectly. Apparently the movie is receiving a remake, which lowkey makes me mad - just stick to the original. 

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Stars of The Wailing

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The Wailing (2016)

Ooh, this is another great one. The Wailing is all about a police officer taking on one of the biggest jobs of his life when a strange disease starts to cause people to become murderous, and inevitably die. What is the source of all of this? Keep watching to find out. 

Man, this list just had hit after hit. This is one of the best Korean horror movies overall, one that didn’t even need gore because it has such good suspense and such a great story. But, with the addition of the monsters and the blood, it makes it that much better. These creatures are terrifying and will haunt your dreams, and these folks turn fast, just like in All Of Us Are Dead. 

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Cha Hyun-soo on Sweet Home on Netflix.

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Sweet Home (2020)

Ready for another killer (pun intended) Netflix original? This horror series, Sweet Home, follows Cha Hyun-soo, a young man who lives alone in an apartment building. But when his home is threatened by the sudden appearance of monsters that want to end the world, he teams up with his neighbors to shield themselves inside and stay alive. 

While Sweet Home doesn’t have the same sort of zombies as All Of Us Are Dead, the monsters in this are terrifying. Like, actually makes me want to turn my head away from the TV-terrifying. However, what really makes this show even more great is that it’s all about that constant struggle to survive together, and the bonds (as well as the betrayals) that are formed when everything seems to be at a loss. Such a great show. 

Stream Sweet Home on Netflix.

Two of the main stars of Alive.

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#Alive (2020)

In #Alive, a young man who regularly streams video games online is faced with the ultimate task - trying to survive alone in his home when the rest of Korea has an outbreak from a zombie pandemic. Time to use those video game skills, right? 

I mean, I feel like this is the perfect movie for fans of All Of Us Are Dead. The horror film isn’t as scary as some of the others on this list, admittedly, but that’s why it feels like the best choice for fans to view next. Not only does it have a likable, young protagonist, but the story is a lot of fun for everyone to enjoy. It’s also a nice commentary on the effects of social media on today’s society. 

Stream #Alive on Netflix. 

The star of Rampant.

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Rampant (2018)

Up next, we have Rampant. This movie follows a prince and a minister, who are both vying for power and to overrule the other. The only issue is that there’s a little zombie plague that’s surrounding their home.

While the film received mixed reviews and didn’t do well at the box office, I think that Rampant is a fun watch. It almost reminds me of Kingdom in a way with it’s great set pieces and really cool-looking zombies. For fans of All Of Us Are Dead, it has all the same gore and terrifying moments you would expect to see, but is paired with some really cool duels and fights as well. 

Rent Rampant on YouTube.

Some of the main characters of Strangers From Hell.

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Strangers From Hell (2019)

Let’s do another TV show, shall we? Strangers From Hell (also know as Hell Is Other People) is a horror television series, again, taking place in a singular building, except this time, it’s a dormitory. But as soon as the lead character moves in, strange things begin to occur, and now, he must investigate it to find out what the case is. 

Strangers From Hell is certainly an interesting time from beginning to end. While it’s not as up front about its horror like All Of Us Are Dead are, the slow-build into the reveal of what’s happening in this dormitory is what I love about it. It’s paced perfectly, with characters that are not only compelling but creepy as all heck. You’ll surely enjoy this one. 

Stream Strangers From Hell on Netflix.

One of the zombies in Seoul Station.

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Seoul Station (2016)

This is more for the people who did watch Train to Busan, because Seoul Station acts as a prequel to it. This animated horror film tells the origin story of the zombie pandemic from the original film, this time following a young woman who is desperate to survive in the worst circumstances possible - where everyone is eating each other. 

Look, I’ll be honest - since this film is animated, I’d say that it’s not as bloody or gory or even as scary as some of the other picks on this list. But hey, animated shows and movies can still be violent as heck - shows like Invincible or Attack on Titan have proved that - which is why I think this is perfect for All Of Us Are Dead fans, as well as people who have seen Train to Busan. It’s a great origin story with a really interesting quest with the main character, and it’s cool to see these events laid out in animated form. 

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Two of the main characters in The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale.

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The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale (2019)

With all this horror, why not include a comedy as well? The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale follows the exploits of a family who end up discovering a zombie due to a pharmaceutical company experimenting on it. But instead of turning the zombie in, they try to make money off of it. 

Yes, it’s definitely more of a comedy, but after the horror that is All Of Us Are Dead, as well as all these other movies, sometimes you just need a comedy. It almost reminds me of Shaun of the Dead in a way, except this time, they try to make money off of zombies. That’s a premise worth watching in of itself. 

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Two of the main stars in Dark Hole.

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Dark Hole (2021)

Last but not least, we have Dark Hole, one of the most recent shows on this list. This Korean horror series follows a group of survivors who must find a way to somehow stay alive when a weird black smoke emerges from a sinkhole, and when people breathe it in, it turns them into cannibalistic mutants. 

While the mutants in this don’t look the same as the zombies in All Of Us Are Dead, what I think is great for fans of the Netflix show is what the survivors do to try and stay alive. The main two characters of this, Lee Hwa-sun and Yoo Tae-han, have great chemistry, as well as everyone else who is attempting to figure out what the heck is going on with this black smoke. It’s a slow-build, that’s for sure, but it’s worth the pay-off. 

Stream Dark Hole on Viki.

Talking about all of these has me excited for the 2022 Netflix TV schedule and all the new shows coming out. If All Of Us Are Dead was this good, I can’t wait to see what else the streaming platform has in store for us. And now, you just might have a new favorite horror show or movie to watch.   

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