Amazon Prime Subscription Costs Are Being Hiked Up For Some Users

Homelander in The Boys.
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With so many streaming services out there, each with their own library of content as well as exclusive programs, deciding which ones to subscribe to is a big deal. There are streaming services dedicated specifically to sports, horror, or many other specific genres. One streaming service may have your favorite movies that you watch over and over again. Any time there’s a price increase, it’s time to review the finances and see just where money is being spent, and if it’s still worth it. Amazon Prime just saw a significant price increase in the U.S. and now Europe is being hit by increases as well, and some are quite significant.

Yesterday subscribers to Prime Video in Europe received an email informing them that the price of Amazon Prime would be going up on September 15. According to THR, the amount of the increase varies by nation. In the UK an annual subscription will go up to £95, about $114 , a 20% increase. In France, the increase will be 43%,  going up to €69.90, or $70.74. German subscribers are in better shape than in France, but will see an increase higher than the UK, with the yearly cost going up 30% to  €89.90 or about $90.95.

While the price increase is significant, it’s also the first price increase Europe has seen since 2015, so it’s maybe not that surprising that the new price is so much higher. The European increase follows U.S. Amazon subscribers seeing a price increase last February. For comparison, that price jump was only 17%, but the U.S. had seen a price increase more recently, 2018, and the total price increase for an annual membership stateside is now $139. In all cases Amazon Prime subscribers can pay monthly, but then the total yearly price is even higher.

Amazon has certainly been spending the money it has on a lot of high profile original programming just like all the other streaming services that are out there. Amazon has The Boys and The Wheel of Time, as well as the upcoming Lord of the Rings prequel series The Rings of Power on deck.

Of course, even if you don’t care about the original series Amazon is producing, Amazon Prime might still be worth whatever it costs. Prime Video is only part of what you’re paying for. For many the fast and free shipping is the real draw of Amazon Prime, and the video content is just a nice additional offering. 

The streaming service landscape has been changing lately and we’re expecting even more changes on the way. Both Netflix and Disney+ have confirmed plans to add ad-supported tiers to their services, which will make for less expensive offerings, at least initially. With all the players in the streaming game, consumers have a lot of choices to make, and a finite amount of money. Price increases are essentially inevitable, but they will also likely cost these services some number of subscribers.  

Dirk Libbey
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