SEAL Team's Max Thieriot Shares Big Update For Clay After Explosive Season 6 Premiere

Spoilers ahead for the Season 6 premiere of SEAL Team, “Low Impact.”

After the Season 5 finale ended with an ambush on Bravo, SEAL Team finally dropped the first episode of Season 6, and it was as intense and emotional as ever. The episode involved a traumatic experience for Clay as he suffered the worst during the event; the premiere even ended with one of his legs getting amputated. Now Max Thieriot is giving an update on Bravo 6 following the explosive opener. 

Although Clay had told Jason in the Season 5 finale that he was planning on stepping down from Bravo in order to focus on his family, this was not what Clay had in mind in order to leave the team. The first episode was tough not only on Clay but his wife Stella as well, as she was caring for their premature newborn baby at home. Max Thieriot spoke to TV Line about what to expect from Clay coming up and "struggles" will be involved.

[Clay will experience] a journey of incredible highs and incredible lows. . . . We’ll see the struggles of somebody who’s coping with losing the best job and life they ever wanted, at a young age, [who has to] look back and watch as his teammates continue on without him.

After it was announced that Max Thieriot was working on a new firefighter series on CBS, it was a question of whether or not he would have time for SEAL Team. It’s not completely surprising that Clay, unfortunately, got the brunt of the accident, but the good news is the actor is going to try and be around as much as possible in Season 6.  It sounds like the new episodes will be a trying time for Clay, as he’s lost some big things in his life. Seeing how he copes with losing his leg in particular should be emotional content for the fanbase.

It's no surprise that the characters on SEAL Team have gone through a lot, between Ray getting kidnapped, Jason’s TBI, Full Metal’s death, Clay’s baby being born prematurely, and more. With Clay’s condition, Max Thieriot is putting the emphasis on how much his character goes through this season:

It’s a lot…. He goes through a lot this season. I would argue he goes through more this season than any character has gone through on that show.

It’s good to know that Max Thieriot looks to be staying on SEAL Team despite fans previously being worried he would be missing from Season 6. Either way, knowing that Clay will be going through a lot this season makes me worried for his future and how it will affect him moving forward. Luckily, both Clay and Stella are surrounded by family and friends who are there to support them.

SEAL Team’s sixth season marks the second season on Paramount+ since moving to the streamer after four full seasons on CBS. The military drama is amongst the best shows on Paramount+,  and I think the move was a good choice. There are also advantages to being on a streamer which gives the writers room to do more. So seeing how they handle Clay’s amputation should be one of the things to look out for. 

New episodes of SEAL Team drop on Sundays on Paramount+ with a subscription!

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