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Bel-Air Actor Responds To All The Carlton Haters With An A+ Post

Olly Sholotan playing Carlton in Season 1 of Bel-Air
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One of the side affects of getting popular can be the amount of attention a newcomer project or celebrity might get, both good and bad. The new Bel-Air series has been getting some traction in recent weeks as it's started streaming new episodes on Peacock, shining a particularly spotlight on the performances of Will and Carlton in the new series, played by Jabari Banks and Olly Sholotan. Carlton in this version does not have as many endearing qualities as the Fresh Prince character, and has actually been dealing with some hate online over the character, though he’s now responded with an A+ post. 

To note it’s not Olly Sholotan receiving the hate as much as his character, Carlton, who has a really nice wardrobe to compliment his privilege and drug problem. However, the actor seems to be trolling the haters right back, including this recent post. 

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This is not the first time that Olly Sholotan has taken to social media or even interviews to address the online criticisms from fans, which have included some pretty brutal comments from people watching the Peacock Premium show. I mean this one’s even on the kinder side compared to some of the comments out there, some of which are quite mean-spirited. 

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People love to hate watch Carlton, but honestly, perhaps that’s what the show intending us to do. In the meantime, it does not seem as if Olly Sholotan is going to take the criticism laying down. 

So, Why Exactly Are People Sending So Much Hate To Olly Sholotan? 

If you haven’t started watching Bel-Air yet, while the pilot follows some of the same notes as the original Fresh Prince introduction, the relationship between Will and Carlton is decidedly less friendly. In fact – and spoilers – there’s a moment early on in the series when Carlton is mad about Will flirting with his ex and pushes him into a pool. Will can’t swim, and is nearly killed. The actor has commented on that moment too. 

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In the time since, the two have occasionally called truces in order to get something out of the elder Smiths, but in general the relationship is much more antagonistic than the original series. For example, in Episode 4, the two found a way to get on the same page about a task (garnering vote signatures), despite seeing said task from totally different points of view. Though Bel-Air is more dramatic (that’s an understatement) than Fresh Prince, there’s every reason to think Will and Carlton’s relationship will eventually hit closer to some of the same notes as the original series. Though only time will tell.  

Olly Sholotan and Jabari Banks On Bel-Air

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The Real Message Bel-Air's Carlton Actor Has To All The Haters

While he’s been pretty funny with the fans on Twitter, the actor has actually responded thoughtfully about all this hate. In an interview, Olly Sholotan also said that he’s “proud” of what he’s been accomplishing with the teenaged character, also sharing with Insider the one major message he has for those who have not been happy with his onscreen journey so far.  

That's what I think is so beautiful about this version of Carlton. It's that you really get to peel back the layers of what these things do to the psyche of a 16-year-old kid. If you tell someone for as long as they've been socialized that, 'Hey! Even though you identify as Black, you don't really act Black. You don't deserve to be Black.' How does that affect the psyche and what does that do? I think that the show starts at a rough point in Carlton's life and I am excited for viewers to see his journey. The only thing I gotta say is y'all haters will be lovers.

So, that's it. Now you're basically all caught up on Will vs. Carlton and how the Internet has turned on Olly Sholotan's character in the time since the show premiered earlier this year. Meanwhile, if you haven't caught it yet, Bel-Air is currently streaming new episodes on Thursdays and you can check 'em out with a Peacock Premium subscription. Or continue to enjoy what may be the real show, Sholotan not backing down and finding amusing ways to continue to respond to those who are certainly not Team Carlton at this point. 

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