Bridgerton Is Still Setting Up A Colin And Penelope Romance, And Here's What One Star Wants To See In Season 3

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I know that most of you have not only watched through the Bridgerton Season 2 ending, but have likely re-watched the new episodes at least once by now if you’re one of the millions of fans who found that you enjoyed the second season of Bridgerton more than the first. And, you probably now want to know exactly what’s coming up for Bridgerton Season 3. While we don’t have those answers just yet, it’s pretty obvious from the sophomore season that a romance between Colin and Penelope is still being set up, and star Luke Newton has revealed what he’d like to see next for them.

What Bridgerton’s Luke Newton Wants To See Next From Colin And Penelope

While we’re quite a ways off from Bridgerton’s next season right now, that doesn’t mean that Colin’s portrayer, Luke Newton, doesn’t already have some ideas of what he’d like to see in the next season of the mega-hit Regency romance. When speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Newton noted that he (like a number of fans, possibly) would like to see what comes of that heart-breaking finale scene where dear ol’ Pen overhears Colin mock the idea of courting her to a group of men who’ve seen them dance at a ball. Newton said:

I really hope that’s where we kick off for the next season. I really want to know more, and I don’t want to annoy people by sending messages to writers to find out what’s going on.

If you’ve read the Bridgerton books by Julia Quinn (or simply made yourself aware of what happens in the series and when) you know that Colin and Penelope have their own love story explored in the fourth novel, Romancing Mister Bridgerton. Now, while Bridgerton Season 4 was given the greenlight in April of 2021, it's still impossibly far away. But, as we’ve seen across the two seasons of Bridgerton that we’ve had so far, it’s clear that Penelope and Colin’s love story already has some serious roots that have been planted.

Not only has Pen clearly been in love with Colin for ages, but right now that deep affection is also one-sided, with him only seeing her as a dear friend. (Though Colin, obviously, sometimes doesn’t treat Pen like a good friend. Stupid boy…) Plus, he does still seem to be slightly hung up on Pen’s cousin, Marina, so all of the tension is there for a proper falling-in-love story. As Newton continued:

I think the foundations have been set for [their romance], and I think it’s been really nice to explore that on a really dragged-out scale...I’m really excited to see what the future brings and how much longer Colin can go without seeing what’s right in front of his eyes, really.

Right in front of his eyes, indeed! Even Marina realized that Pen was besotted with Colin, and when he visited her, she did the decent thing and tried to tip him off. But, Colin is a bit of a dunce when it comes to Penelope. Of course, there is one major thing that could get in the way of a full-blown romance between Colin and Pen, and that would be the Lady Whistledown of it all. With his sister finally finding out that her best bud is also Whistledown (and Eloise and Penelope having a sickening friendship breakup over it), how might that information impact any growing feelings of Colin's, not to mention just his friendship with Pen? Newton added:

That’s one [reveal] I cannot wait to read if that ever happens. I hope sooner rather than later, because I’m dying to know his reaction. He’s obviously got a very close connection with her, just like Eloise does, but I think it’s difficult because…is he over the stuff with Marina? That’s the only scandal that he’s really been involved in with Whistledown. But then, is he going to be OK with being lied to for however many years? It’s put his family in very difficult positions every now and then. So it’s definitely going to stir things up, particularly now with Eloise sort of writing off her best friend.

I truly don’t know what to say, dear reader, except that I am now even more excited for what might come next than ever before! With Kate and Anthony returning for Bridgerton Season 3, maybe the newly married former rake can give Colin some good advice. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see Colin and Penelope romp through a lavish estate to a series of delightful Bridgerton pop song covers before too many more seasons pass! 

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