Bridgerton Season 2 Ending Explained: What Happened To The Sharmas, Lady Whistledown, And More

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Spoilers ahead for Bridgerton Season 2! 

After what felt like nearly an eternity, fans have finally been able to watch the Bridgerton Season 2 cast in their sophomore romantic adventure on Netflix. The mega-hit has not disappointed its millions upon millions of fans, and viewers lauded everything from Bridgerton’s South Asian representation, to a number of amazing Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton moments, with a lot of people even having many reasons to like Bridgerton Season 2 better than the first season!

Now that you’ve devoured Bridgerton’s addition to the 2022 TV schedule and delighted in its many wonders, dear reader, let’s take a look back at the Bridgerton Season 2 ending, to help you come to terms with what happened to the Sharmas, Lady Whistledown, and much more!

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Kate And Anthony Got Married!

It sure did take these too a loooong time to get there, but Bridgerton’s Season 2 finale did, in fact, see Kate and Anthony tie the knot, make with the bang-bang in an actual bed and play a slightly less competitive game of pall mall. Well, OK… fine! Viewers didn’t exactly see these two get hitched, but we know why, right?

Kate and Anthony were thorns in each other’s sexy sides from early in the season, with her trying to make sure that her younger sis, Edwina, would actually find a love match, and him determined to find the “perfect” woman to call Lady Bridgerton. As Anthony became more attached to the idea that Edwina would do the trick, though, he and Kate were also sharing more and more longing glances, sexually charged banter, and doing things like touching while being alone. Gasp! 

Things went so far that Anthony and Edwina made it to the altar, but this led to the innocently in love lady finally seeing that her groom and older sister had big hots for one another. Edwina (smartly) calls off the wedding, leaving Kate and Anthony free to enjoy some (still potentially ill-advised) kissing at that very altar and a hot, pleasurable-for-both-parties outdoor sexathon, leading to their off-screen nuptials in the finale. Yay! Love!

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Eloise Discovered That Penelope Is Lady Whistledown!

Obviously, this is big. We all knew that it was entirely possible that bosom buddies Penelope and Eloise would have their friendship torn asunder by the reveal of sweet Pen’s undercover hustle as, a now meaner, Lady Whistledown. This came to pass in the finale, when, while at the Featherington’s ball, Pen decided to share some recently overheard gossip with El, accidentally tipping her friend off.

A few moments later, Pen discovers El in her room, having tossed it about and discovered Penelope’s hidden stash of Lady Whistledown cash. Pen attempted to convince Eloise that she was mistaken, but all of her evidence comes pouring out of her, leading to an apology from Pen that turns into to a lot of tears, anger, insults, and the heaviest scene of the finale .

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Lady Featherington Chose Her “Contrary” Daughters Over Lord Featherington!

This one is a bit tough for me, because even though Lady Featherington and the new Lord Featherington are both sorta terrible… I did find them hot together and definitely wanted Lady F. to get some horizontal time in with the younger man. But! That was not to be, because even though the two had begun scamming members of the ton to recoup their many financial losses, the Bridgerton Season 2 finale saw Lady Feathrington do something basically decent by dumping the new lord, kicking him out, and choosing the “team” of her three “nettling and contrary” daughters.

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Benedict Quit Art School!

We all remember Benedict going to the sexy art salon in Season 1, and he got even more serious about honing his, um… talents, in the most recent episodes. Benedict applied to the Art Academy and was accepted, making friends, finding a lover in model / student Tessa, and doing quite well with his studies. Unfortunately, the finale saw him find out that his “helpful” big bro, Anthony, had made a large donation to the Academy just in time for Benedict’s acceptance. So, Benedict has now lost all faith in his talent and officially left art school behind… at least for now.

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Will Mondrich Is A Success Thanks To Colin!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Duke of Hastings’ old friend, boxer Will Mondrich, had a part to play in Bridgerton Season 2. After becoming involved in a scheme with the previous Lord Featherington (which cost the older man his life), Will left boxing behind and opened a fancy gentleman’s club / bar. The establishment was slow to take off, but after Will warned Colin Bridgerton of the potential dangers of investing his money with the new Lord Feathrington, Colin eventually rewarded Will by bringing a number of well-paying patrons to his new club, hopefully ensuring that he’ll be a big success for many Bridgerton seasons to come!

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Edwina Might Find Love With Prince Friedrich!

Alright, you guys, this is MAJOR. If you, like me, spent much of the season feeling bad that Edwina was genuinely falling in love with Anthony while he and Kate were legitimately falling in love with each other, then the Featherington ball brought some additional, much-needed possible good news.

As Edwina (and everyone else present) watched Kate and Anthony do a Regency dance filled with way more sexual tension than ought to be allowed (to an orchestral cover of the pop hit “Wrecking Ball”), Queen Charlotte staves off rumors by saying that the failed wedding between Edwina and Anthony was simply because the ruler changed her mind about the pairing. Then, in an act of kindness (which was probably at least partially motivated by wanting her chosen diamond of the season to have a good match), Charlotte told Edwina about her nephew, Prince Friedrich, announcing that he’s still “available,” much to the chagrin of the nearby Cowper ladies.

This means that, if we are very lucky, we’ll get to see at least a bit of courtship between Edwina Sharma and Prince Friedrich in Season 3, with both of them deserving a win in love, after he lost out with Daphne in the first season. I’m already enjoying the idea of these two together. Make this happen, Bridgerton

Now that we’ve gone over the biggest events of the Bridgerton Season 2 ending, you know what that means. We can obsess over what’s to come in the already renewed Season 3 and 4 of Bridgerton

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