Bridgerton Cast And Creator React To Netflix's Big Two-Season Renewal

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Well, just when we all thought this was going to be a regular, plain-ass Tuesday, life comes in with a wonderful surprise. That's right, dear readers, if you haven't already heard the news, know that the runaway Netflix hit, Bridgerton, has now also been renewed for Seasons 3 and 4! The news comes as Season 2 is gearing up for production, and while many fans are still beyond bummed that a certain Duke won't be around for the upcoming set of episodes, we now have much more time with the Bridgerton siblings and their assorted friends, family, and foes. And, you can bet that the cast and creator of the romantic drama have plenty to say about the good news!

As noted above, Season 2 is just now in the very beginning stages of production after being officially announced in late January, but now we already have Seasons 3 and 4 to look forward to. This will mean that the series will definitely cover the love stories of Anthony, Benedict, and Colin (in that order), and Bridgerton's creator / showrunner, Chris Van Dusen, has been among the members of the cast and crew who've taken to social media to post his joy over the show's renewal. Take a look at what Van Dusen had to say on Twitter:

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Oh my goodness. You guys? I think the news of Bridgerton's massive renewal is finally sinking in for me. Having at least four seasons doesn't just mean more heart-stirring love stories, it also means more great looking people in amazing costumes, more modern-music scored, toe-curling sexytimes, more genteel folks doing some not-so-genteel things, more drama, and, hopefully, a lot more awesome wigs for Queen Charlotte. And, speaking of Charlotte (who will hopefully get more to do in the coming seasons), her portrayer, Golda Rosheuvel, is clearly very proud of her show and had lovely things to say on Instagram upon learning of the renewal:

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The Bridgerton Season 2 cast is slated to introduce audiences to the Sharma family, and Anthony Bridgerton's eventual love, Kate, who'll be played by series new-comer Simone Ashley. We'll also see Kate's older and younger sisters, so there will be more of the inclusion and representation of which Golda Rosheuvel spoke about in her post. This is, of course, one of the things which made the Regency-set romance so popular with fans, so it's good to know that will continue.

You what else was popular with Bridgerton fans during Season 1? The tale of Penelope Featherington, who had quite the double life and a serious crush on Colin Bridgerton. So far, the young man only sees her as a friend, and good ol' Pen was devastated when he decided to leave London for Greece at the end of the season, but you can count on Pen's friend zone status changing when we get to Season 4. Nicola Coughlan, who won us over with her work as Penelope, is just as excited for the renewal as you might expect:

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As you may have been able to put together by now, the focus on Anthony and Kate in Season 2, and Colin and Pen in Season 4, leaves us with Benedict's road to romance in Season 3, and Luke Newton (who plays Colin) let everyone know that he had some things to say to Luke Thompson (that's our Benedict) when word of the renewal came down:

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Basically, everyone is brimming with excitement over the Bridgerton renewal and it's a beautiful thing to see! As you might imagine, with Season 2 not even fully filming yet, we have no idea when we can finally fill our eyeballs with more visions of Anthony, Benedict, Colin, and Penelope. But, Bridgerton Season 2 is currently expected to drop sometime next year, so we can likely assume that (barring any massive issues) Seasons 3 and 4 will each debut in the years following, meaning we should have new episodes through 2024. YAY!

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