Chris Pratt's Terminal List Just Got Renewed By Amazon, While Taylor Kitsch's Character Is Getting A Whole New Show

Chris Pratt on The Terminal List
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With his roles in the Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy franchises coming to a presumed end, Chris Pratt’s schedule looked like it was about to become a lot clearer. That no longer seems to be the case, as his Prime Video series The Terminal List appears to have been renewed for Season 2. While we’re not sure if this means we’ll be seeing James Reese on the 2023 TV schedule, it looks like the deal to continue adapting author Jack Carr’s military action franchise comes with an extra sweetener. That is because Taylor Kitsch’s character is also being tapped as the focus of a new prequel series.

Sources speaking to Deadline have reportedly confirmed that The Terminal List is finally moving forward with Season 2. This comes after months of fans waiting to learn whether Pratt’s Lieutenant Commander James Reece would return, after Season 1’s impressive performance proved that an audience was indeed curious about his character's exploits.

Now, it looks like Reece and his squadmate Ben Edwards (Taylor Kitsch) are gearing up for more missions. As for the untitled Kitsch-centric prequel, fans of The Terminal List can rest assured that Chris Pratt’s protagonist will be popping up in that series as well. Also on tap to make their debut is, allegedly, fellow SEAL Raife Hastings; who was referenced in the Season 1 finale of the Prime Video drama. 

Hastings is a character that has not yet been cast or seen on screen, but he has a  rather important connection to The Terminal List. That is because he is featured in the next Jack Carr book, 2019’s True Believer, as well as the James Reece series at large, meaning Raife Hastings is another important building block to the future. 

With True Believer confirmed to be The Terminal List’s Season 2 source material, it wouldn’t be that shocking if an official confirmation of the news above could include casting for Raife Hastings. That might even be the reason why, at this moment, this news is not officially confirmed by Amazon Studios. A plan so ambitious would seem all the more real when announced with such details included.

The passion behind The Terminal List has been worn on its sleeve, right down to Chris Pratt’s original pitch video that sold the project. Seeing the opportunity for Pratt, Taylor Kitsch, and the rest of the crew behind the first season to continue mining that appreciation is only a good thing, especially in a world where the cancellation picture has been rather brutal. That, and with Jack Ryan ending its run after Season 4, there’s going to be a little more room in the Prime Video ecosystem for another “elevated espionage series.” 

No official confirmation of The Terminal List’s future plans and strategies have been confirmed, so we’ll have to keep our eyes and ears peeled for further updates. In the meantime, you can enjoy Season 1 in its entirety, with a Prime Video subscription

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