If The Terminal List Gets Renewed For Season 2, Which Jack Carr Book Will It Cover?

Chris Pratt in a scene from the Terminal List 2022.
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The Terminal List has reportedly been very popular over at Amazon since its release earlier this month. Chris Pratt definitely celebrated after the freshman series landed itself in the No. 1 slot and while The Terminal List critics haven’t been all that invested, the fans have been loving the dram. With all this in mind, hopefully a Season 2 renewal is a question of when rather than if, but if the show does move forward, which book will it cover?

Thanks to the Chris Pratt starrer being based on a book series and some comments from the Amazon Prime Video thriller’s showrunner, David DiGilio, there’s already an answer for that. The showrunner recently spoke with ComicBook, where he revealed that Season 2 would follow True Believer. He said: 

Yes, fingers crossed. We’re really lucky – Jack is writing at an incredibly fast pace, a novel per year. It’s a little faster than we can make the shows, so he’s maybe too far out. Just take a little break, I’d say. But we’re really lucky, and I’d encourage anybody who loved season one, to go check out True Believer. It’s an incredible read and it’s a great blueprint for Season 2.

True Believer just so happens to be the James Reece novel that Jack Carr published back in 2019. It makes sense to roll with that one next too, as it’s the second of the five books about the character that have been published. We know The Terminal List has taken a "no Hollywood bs" approach to its creation, but it's still nice for book fans to know the show wouldn't attempt to make major progression changes to Hollywood-ify its story. 

Where The Terminal List Left Off At The End Of Season 1

The Terminal List – and SPOILERS –left off with Reece on a boat, finally confronting Ben and confirming what happened to the Alpha platoon. A violent clash ensues and James Reece is now thought of as a domestic terrorist. He ends Season 1 by literally sailing off into the distance, but if Season 2 does end up being True Believer (and the charted path to Mozambique also points to this at the end of Season 1), Reece will likely be wanted, but may soon take a deal that would situate him smack dab in the middle of another conspiracy. 

One of the big hooks with the James Reece novels is the whole subplot with the former Navy SEAL’s brain tumor, which is still expected to kill him at the end of the first outing. That should factor in moving forward and be a sort of bridge tying together Season 1 and 2, though True Believer has a totally separate main narrative, much like its sort-of sister show at Amazon Jack Ryan has a new investigation each season

Again, though, Amazon Prime has not yet greenlighted the show for Season 2. Chris Pratt’s a busy guy with lots of stuff cooking in Hollywood at any given moment – he even has a sequel to The Tomorrow War coming to Amazon and another movie with his co-star from The Tomorrow War headed to Universal. Hopefully, they'll be some space for more Terminal List in there somewhere.  

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