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David Spade Slipped A Sweet SNL Reference Into Video Announcing New Netflix Comedy Special

David Spade on Comedy Central Stand-Up
(Image credit: Comedy Central)

David Spade has been trying some new things as of late. Those who are deep into the reality TV world are probably aware that he was tapped as one of the Bachelor in Paradise hosts last summer. The producers were convinced that Spade would be a perfect host for Season 7, and his work was mostly well received. But the entertainer is best known for being a comedian, and it’s been a little while since he last released a comedy special. Well, worry not Spade fans, because the star has announced a new project with Netflix and even managed to slip a sweet SNL reference into the announcement video. 

Over the course of his six years on Saturday Night Live, David Spade wrote and starred in a number of notable sketches and played some memorable characters. Gap Girl Christy Henderson, Karl of Karl’s Video and even Dick Clark’s receptionist are among the roles he played. Of course, there’s also the rude stewardess of “Total Bastard Airlines,” who Spade perfectly referenced while announcing his upcoming special, Nothing Personal. Check out the fun nod in the Twitter post down below:

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The “Total Bastard Airlines” sketch revolved around a fictional airline filled with employees who were bitter about their professional and personal lives. With this, the workers would (humorously) take out their frustrations on their passengers. The Joe Dirt star’s stewardess (who worked alongside one played by guest host Helen Hunt) would dismiss those departing his plane with a sarcastic “Buh-bye.” Take a look at the original 1994 sketch down below: 

The comedian’s nod to his work on the iconic NBC show is cool, and longtime viewers are sure to appreciate it. Those who are fans of David Spade in general are also probably thrilled to know that he has new material on the way. As Spade mentioned in the video, this will mark his first stand-up comedy special for Netflix. That’s honestly surprising, especially considering that so many of his comedic contemporaries have already done them for the streamer. For example, his old SNL co-star and Zoom hangout buddy, Adam Sandler, released a special of his own back in 2018. Such a project is long overdue for Spade, but better late than never, right?

It’s important to note that this won’t be the Tommy Boy star’s first-ever collaboration with the massive streaming company. He previously starred as the lead in 2020’s The Wrong Missy, which was coincidentally produced by Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions. David Spade has said that he found the movie “tricky” to work on due to having to play off the wild energy of co-stars Lauren Lapkus and Nick Swardson. But their collective efforts were successful, as the movie trended at #1 on the platform, prompting Spade to thank fans who checked it out using their Netflix subscriptions

The comedian may be known for his sarcastic persona, but his appreciation for his career and his fans are also reasons why he’s been embraced by audiences for so long. It’ll be fun to see how he’s “crammed every joke” he has into his latest production. And if we’re lucky, maybe he adds one or two other SNL references in as well. 

You can see David Spade throw down in Nothing Personal when it makes its Netflix debut on April 26th.

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