David Spade Thanks Fans After New Netflix Film The Wrong Missy Hits #1

David Spade The Wrong Missy

The theatrical movie business has been at an absolute standstill for months, but what has been a major headache for one part of the entertainment world has become a huge boon for others. Streaming services are seeing a lot more use, and if you're starved for new movies, then streaming is the only place to go. Netflix saw a solid hit last month in the Chris Hemsworth action movie Extraction and now that has been followed up by the David Spade comedy The Wrong Missy.

Star David Spade took to Twitter recently to thank those that have checked out The Wrong Missy, as they made the new film the most watched thing on Netflix at one point.

We don't know what absolute numbers look like, Netflix rarely releases those, but we can guess that a lot more people than otherwise might have gave The Wrong Missy a chance if only because it was something new to watch.

Which is not to say that the movie wouldn't have been a hit otherwise. The success of several Adam Sandler films on Netflix over the last few years, some of which have included David Spade, shows that there's an audience for comedy on the streaming service of exactly this type.

In The Wrong Missy David Spade's character meets his dream girl, but then accidentally invites somebody from a previous terrible blind date on a vacation with him. Lauren Lapkus plays Missy.

There's honestly a lot to potentially enjoy about The Wrong Missy. If you're finding yourself not laughing nearly as much as you used to because of the current situation, then a comedy can be good for the soul. The movie also takes place in some beautiful locations and, while I suppose that's potentially painful since none of us can go there, just being able to see the outside world might help.

The Wrong Missy is the second David Spade comedy to debut for Netflix following Father of the Year from 2018. Both films are part of the larger production deal that Netflix has with Happy Madison, Adam Sandler's production company.

Keeping that number one spot on Netflix can be tough. As of this writing The Wrong Missy has already fallen to number two as a lot of people are apparently discovering Avatar: The Last AIrbender for the first time, or taking its Netflix debut as an excuse to binge watch the series in quarantine. Still, being there at all is a big deal.

The success of The Wrong Missy likely means more potential work for David Spade and Netflix, even if that work does not include Spade playing Joe Exotic in a Tiger King drama, despite how much people might want to see it.

Dirk Libbey
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