Day Shift: What To Know About The Netflix Movie Before You Watch

Jamie Foxx in Day Shift
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It feels like it’s been an eternity since we’ve had an action-packed vampire movie that balances horror and comedy. Sure, we’ve had plenty of vampires in recent years, but those movies sometimes lend themselves to being super-serious or just not a lot of fun. Well, that all changed with Day Shift, the 2022 Netflix movie starring Jamie Foxx as a vampire hunter trying to make things right in life.

If you have seen Day Shift trending on the Netflix Top 10 but weren’t sure if you want to watch or not, worry not fearless vampire killer, as we’re about to break down what you can expect about the movie before take the plunge into this wild, crazy, and exhilarating thrill ride.

Jamie Foxx Plays A Vampire Hunter Trying To Provide For His Family

Day Shift centers on Bud Jablonski (Jamie Foxx), a disgraced vampire hunter who takes on an incredibly dangerous job in order to provide for his family and help pay his daughter’s tuition. Formerly kicked out of the Vampire Hunters Union, Bud has to earn his way back into the good graces of the powers that be to take on more lucrative jobs, like the one involving a violent and vengeful vampire with a vicious bite.

The Day Shift Cast Also Includes Snoop Dogg, Dave Franco And More

In addition to Jamie Foxx, the Day Shift cast also sees Snoop Dogg taking on the role of decorated vampire hunter Big John Elliott, Dave Franco as a union rep by the name of Seth, Karla Souza as the big bad vampire Audrey San Fernando, and more. 

The Movie Features Some Intense Fight Scenes And Shoot-Outs

If you want heart-pounding action, explosive gunplay, and some intense fight scenes, then Day Shift is going to be right up your alley. Though not one of the best action movies of all time, the Netflix original packs quite a punch, and even starts out with an expertly choreographed fight scene involving Bud Jablonski and two really pissed off vampires.

Day Shift Feels Like The Action-Horror Comedies Of The ‘90s

Day Shift is a modern movie with some great special effects and techniques, but first-time director (and former stuntman) J.J. Perry does a remarkable job of creating a fun action-horror comedy similar to something you’d see in the ‘90s. Who knows, maybe you’ll want to go back and watch staples of the genre like From Dusk Till Dawn, Bordello of Blood, and Blade after you finish the movie.

The Movie Is A Little Under Two Hours In Length

You won’t have to carve out too much time to watch Day Shift, as the movie is just under two hours in length. No time is wasted getting the action started or moving the plot along. This is perfect for anyone who is a fan of short movies on Netflix.

The Day Shift Reactions So Far

The reactions to Day Shift have been mixed so far, with many critics being split over the vampire action comedy.  CinemaBlend’s official review fell more on the “didn’t like it” side of things with one and a half stars. On Rotten Tomatoes, the movie currently has a 58% critic score and 64% audience score, which isn’t the best but also not the worst.

Day Shift Is Rated R For Violence, Gore And Language

It should come as no surprise that Day Shift is rated R, considering it is a vampire action comedy. The listened reasons this rating include its violence, gore (no time is wasted in this regard), and language throughout. This may be too much for younger audiences, but anyone fond of the genre will feel at home.

Hopefully this helps your decision-making process when it comes to watching Day Shift. But remember, you'll need a Netflix Subscription to see it for yourself.

Stream Day Shift on Netflix.

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