Disney+’s New National Treasure TV Series Gets A Title, But Fans Won’t Stop Talking About Nic Cage

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During the gloomy days of the 2020 pandemic (as opposed to those that came after), producer Jerry Bruckheimer brightened the pop culture zeitgeist a bit with a big announcement pertaining to the National Treasure franchise. Bruckheimer promised a Disney+ series was in development, as well as an upcoming movie that would be intended for theatrical release, thus sparking the long dormant fires of this saga yet again, even though Nicolas Cage wouldn't be involved. Flash-forward to two years later, as the TV show has now revealed its official title, and fans still won’t stop talking about Cage’s Benjamin Franklin Gates being brought back to the fold.

Diane Kruger holds a lamp in a cave, with Nicholas Cage beside her, in National Treasure: Book of Secrets.

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What’s The Name For The National Treasure’s Disney+ Series?

First, let’s start with the good news that we do know. Courtesy of the official Twitter profile for Disney+’s expansion to the saga, National Treasure: Edge of History was revealed to be the full name for the series exclusive to Disney+ subscribers. You can see the title, and its logo treatment, as shown below: 

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As you might expect, the reaction to this National Treasure spin-off has only brought the hardcore Nic Cage fans out in force. It would have been hard to avoid that result, as the long history of National Treasure 3 delays has continued to make people anxious about how, or if, the cliffhanger in 2007’s National Treasure: Book of Secrets will ever be resolved. 

Which means it's time to get into the Cage Rage that some of the Internet is feeling. Buckle up, as we're about to run the gamut of reactions to National Treasure: Edge of History's recent announcement. As you might expect, a good deal of it is connected to Nic Cage and his legacy role in the saga.

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How Nic Cage Fans Are Reacting To National Treasure: Edge Of History

Nic Cage's fanbase is a strong and loyal breed, and why shouldn't they? The man's provided entertainment throughout his resume, and Cage has never phoned it in once. So one can't blame “AuAnthonyTurner” for tweeting the following message of support: 

Only if you bring back the legend!

The demand for Nic Cage's National Treasure return only gets stronger from this point onward. Though sadly user “Pill_Osiris” didn't realize that Edge of History is a Disney+ original series. Were they to have known that, the opinion in this tweet may have panned out differently: 

I hope this is a movie and has the original cast. Been waiting a long time now. Otherwise meh.

Those feelings are pretty strong, but some have even surpassed the point of merely writing off National Treasure’s Disney+ spinoff as “meh.” Teen Wolf alum Stephen Sean Ford, who played the recurring character of Matt Daehler in the show’s second season, shared this:

If there's no Cage, we rage.

Sure enough, when someone labeled the series as “a reboot with kids,” Ford later tweeted “I RAGE!” in response. To be fair, that description is a disservice to this new series, as National Treasure: Edge of History cast Catherine Zeta Jones in its lineup of adult players. As well, OG cast member Justin Bartha’s Riley Poole will be returning to the franchise as a “guest star.” 

Which, to be completely honest, opens the door for the final tweet response we’ll be showing off. User “Arkthus” absolutely nails what a perfectly balanced take looks like when speaking on the whole Nic Cage situation might be like with this National Treasure spin-off:

People, if Nick Cage is in it, it's just for the first episode, or in a cameo, but he's not the main character of the series. But I hope they make a third movie, especially to conclude that Pages 47 thing.

Perhaps the potential success of National Treasure: Edge of History is the signal that Disney's brass is looking for in order to move forward. If that’s the case, then let’s hope that Nic Cage’s last National Treasure 3 update isn’t the current state of the cinematic wing of the franchise; as he didn’t have much faith that it was going to happen any time soon. 

With the fans demanding it, this could be the tide of tugboats that Cage thinks will change course for future progress. In the meantime, Disney+ subscribers will eventually have the best of both worlds when it comes to this franchise. Not only are both previous National Treasure movies still available on that platform, but whenever National Treasure: Edge of History debuts, that’ll be the only spot online to stream it.

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