Eddie Murphy And Jonah Hill Are Doing A Netflix Movie, See The Star-Studded Set Photo Courtesy Of Anthony Anderson

Jonah Hill in Don't Look Up and Eddie Murphy in Coming 2 America screenshots
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Netflix has long been a streaming platform known for putting out some seriously amazing original content, and it doesn’t look like it's trying to lose that reputation anytime soon. Netflix has a lot of original content coming in 2022, including a new Kenya Barris-helmed comedy starring Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy. The film will act as the Black-ish director’s Netflix film debut, and it looks like Anthony Anderson, one of the stars of that ABC series, has graced us with a picture featuring some of the upcoming movie's star-studded cast.

Can you imagine going to just another day at work and running into Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy? Even for an actor in Hollywood, that’s got to be one good day, and that’s exactly what happened to Anthony Anderson. The Black-ish actor shared a photo of himself amongst Jonah Hill, Eddie Murphy and others to his Instagram while exuding such a grateful and positive tone to be where he is. You can check out the post below:

It’s not clear how this meeting came to be, i.e. whether Anthony Anderson was just ready for another day filming the 8th and final season of Black-ish or if he was on set to film a scene for Kenya Barris’ new movie. That said, Stacey Morris, award-winning hair stylist for the stars, shared the same photo and suggestsed that Anderson is, in fact, going to have a scene in the film.

It would certainly make sense for Anthony Anderson to step into the Netflix film for a scene, seeing as he has some major rapport with Kenya Barris. They’ve been working together since 2014 on Black-ish. Anderson also has a connection to star Eddie Murphy that he references in his post. The two played “Ray and Cookie” in Life, an Oscar-nominated comedy from 1999. 

The Netflix film in question will be both written and directed by Kenya Barris, but Jonah Hill is also taking up the role as co-writer for the project. The comedy, in addition to Hill and Eddie Murphy, has some other pretty recognizable players in the cast, like Julia Louis-Dreyfus and David Duchovny

Other than the impressive cast and Kenya Barris heading the project, there isn’t much yet known about the film. Although it is still untitled, we do know that it will center around the clashing of cultures, which is backed up by its diverse cast list. 

The film will release sometime next year and should be the next film release featuring Eddie Murphy, with the long-awaited revival of Beverly Hills Cop 4 to follow sometime later. We have a much closer film to look forward to from Jonah Hill, though, as Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up is set to arrive on Netflix on December 10. There’s still plenty of time before we’ll be able to check out Hill and Kenya Barris’ upcoming comedy, but plenty of other content is dropping to Netflix soon to tide us over in the meantime!

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